La Coalicion de Mujers Dominicans

The Center for Women's Development and the Coalition of Dominican Women, expressed their support of Raquel Batista for the district councilor for 15 of the Bronx at an event they hosted on Friday September the 6th. 

Executive Director Rosita Romero stated that the main objective of these organizations is support and uplift more Dominican women to occupy political positions. She also highlighted the professional and human qualities of Batista who has a long history of leadership and community service.

Romero noted that Raquel Batista is the third woman that the Dominican Women's Coalition has supported for public office. The first was Rita Mella, who reached the position of judge in the probate court, and Assembly Woman Gabriela Rosa.

Other women at the event who support Raquel Batista are Ercilia Garcia, Quenia Abreu, Rosa LaVergne, Cira Angeles, Gisel Alba, Aracelis Morales, Katy Diaz, Maria Contreras, Celeste Garcia, Ramona Moon, and Dr. Marilu Galvan.

In the 15th district there are 32 voting centers available .

The Democratic primary elections will be held on Tuesday September 10th.

Written by Autor: Luis Alfredo Collado. Translated by Gloria Malone

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