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Raquel_Batista_the_Candidate.jpgI have committed my life's work to being of service to working families, immigrants and women.  Born and raised in the Bronx, I am the daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic who came during the 1960's and 70's to find a better future for their family.  A working-class family, my father worked as a superintendent and a taxi-cab driver and my mother worked as a stylist in a hair salon in the Bronx.  First-hand I  lived and witnessed the struggles of her family to make it in the United States and made a committment early on to work on issues impacting that very community.  

Upon graduating from Manhattan College, I became a community organizer at the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition where I worked on issues such as housing, education, community policing and parks.  Based out of the Mount Hope and Fordham-Bedford communities, I had the opportunity to assist families in addressing their repair and other issues with their landlords, organizing meeting with the local police precincts to address safety concerns and even organized park clean-ups, tree-plantings and other neighborhood beautifing intiatives.  Moving on in my career, I began to work with small business owners helping up and coming first-time entrepreneuers to obtain the necessary tools and experience to have successful local businesses.  

In 2000, after having worked at the Puerto Rican Legal Defense Fund -now known as Latino Justice - on assuring that Latinos were counted in the census, I decided to go to CUNY Law School to pursue her degree in law where I concentrated on constitutional and international human rights law.  

With all of the experience of having worked in the community and being an attorney in 2004, I became the Executive Director of the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights.  During my tenure there, she was able to save an organization which was on the brink of closing its doors.   Under my leadership, NMCIR became one of the lead organizations in the immigrant rights movement, assisting over 6,000 families a year, organizing citizenship drives and forums in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan and bringing the voice of families impacted by the deportation issue.  All of this work culminating in the organization being awarded a grant through Congressman Serrano, NMCIR was able to open up offices in the Bronx.    

I continue to work with community residents, leaders, organizations and elected officials to bring resources back home and to highlight the issues that most impact the Bronx and working families all over New York City.  

I will bring a new voice, a new vision to the Bronx if elected as the Council Member of District 15 for the Bronx.  Please join me in making this a reality! 

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